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The University of Montréal and of the world

The University of Montréal is a university of people. Lots of people. The veterinarian caring for our dairy herds, the journalist inquiring into a sensitive issue, the researcher who’s finally able to explain the stubborn cancer afflicting a family, and the optometrist who succeeds, against all expectations, in restoring a child’s vision. So many people have benefited in some way, often without even knowing it, from the work of UdeM researchers, professors and alumni. Here are a few of their stories. 

The University of Montréal and of the effects of music on children

Nathalie Fernando

La musique aux enfants is a unique program developed in partnership with the Montréal symphony orchestra (OSM). Since the fall of 2016, more than 30 young children from the Saint-Rémi school in Montréal-Nord have had the opportunity to discover the joys of music, in small groups or individually. And this is just the beginning.

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The University of Montréal and of celebrating indigenous culture

Anne Marchand

The Tapiskwan project strives to protect the precious heritage of the Atikamekew people, showcasing their culture, talent for design and entrepreneurial spirit. Creativity is the common thread that connects Anne Marchand and her team to the Aitkamekew community.

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The University of Montréal and of human stress

Sonia Lupien

Sonia Lupien has been studying the mechanisms of stress and its effects on performance and memory for over 20 years.  

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The University of Montréal and of improving water quality

Sébastien Sauvé

Researcher Sébastien Sauvé and his team are on the cutting edge of research into blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria. Global warming and pollution caused by humans are the source of this contamination, which not only affects lakes but can also have an impact on municipalities’ drinking water, with the attendant health risks.

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The University of Montréal and of memory

Sylvie Belleville

Thanks to research by Sylvie Belleville, we can more easily diagnose Alzheimer's disease before the symptoms of dementia appear.

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The University of Montréal and of artificial intelligence helping the blind

Yoshua Bengio

In the near future, collaboration between Yoshua Bengio's team of researchers and HumanWare, a Drummondville company, will make it possible to design intelligent tools for the blind.

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The University of Montréal and of life-changing experience

Juan Torres

Juan Torres is one of those teachers who has a positive, lasting impact on his students. And in the same way that his research in urban planning concentrates on the people living in cities, Juan makes people – their ideas and goals - the focus of his teaching as well.

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The University of Montréal and of new thinking about young people’s concussions

Dave Ellemberg

Dave Ellemberg’s research has shown that children and teens are more vulnerable to the effects of a concussion than are adults, contrary to popular belief.

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The University of Montréal and of higher preemie survival rates

Jean-Claude Lavoie

Dr. Jean-Claude Lavoie and his team have discovered that shielding preemie baby food from light from the time it is prepared to the time it is administered reduced the mortality rate of the most vulnerable premature babies by 50%.

This is because the current intravenous method of feeding babies born before 32 weeks promotes the formation of oxidizing molecules that preemies’ immature defences cannot fight. Photoprotection of their food, as the process is called, cuts the production of these oxidants in half.

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