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UdeM on the world stage

In today's context of globalization and the global village, the Université de Montréal is a link between North America and Europe. Situated at the crossroads of the English and French worlds, it offers students academic training with a global perspective in fields of advanced research, with a skilled staff of professors and researchers, many of whom have trained abroad.

A Francophone university deeply rooted in Montreal and Quebec, the Université de Montréal has made internationalization a top priority in all of its activities. In addition to signing collaborative scientific agreements with university institutions in Canada and abroad, it works closely with over 50 countries around the world and receives some 4,000 foreign students each year from over a hundred countries.

The Université de Montréal's presence on the international stage has led to its participation in many research projects outside Canada. Its international presence is also apparent within the walls of the University where foreign professors nourish UdeM's cultural and intellectual diversity and enrich its knowledge of the world.

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