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Strategic research areas

Arts, humanities and social sciences

The Université de Montréal excels through the quality and scope of its research activities in the following fields:

  • literary and cultural studies;
  • international studies;
  • ethnic, multicultural and linguistic studies;
  • applied social sciences;
  • contributions in the humanities and social sciences to try and solve technological problems;
  • theoretical and applied ethics.

Natural sciences and mathematics

A sector of major importance at the Université de Montréal, with most research activities taking place at the Technopole-Montréal, including:

  • basic and applied materials science;
  • medicinal chemistry and pharmacology;
  • astrophysics and astronomy;
  • computer science, information sciences and communications;
  • simulation and modelling;
  • environment and sustainable development;
  • agri-food biotechnology.

Biomedical and health sciences

A dynamic sector that has contributed to the Université de Montréal's remarkable growth and integrates high-level basic and professional training in the following fields of research:

  • infection and immunovirology
  • the heart, blood and vascular system;
  • functional genomics and integrative genetics;
  • cancer studies;
  • neurosciences;
  • human development;
  • clinical and evaluative research;
  • visual sciences and ocular health.

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