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Université de Montréal

A civic-minded university

A civic-minded institution

Whether in the field or in the lab, members of the Université de Montréal community are making their mark on society. By working with people, creating places that foster diversity and ensuring outstanding biodiversity on campus, they are changing the world for the better. Here are a few examples drawn from our many projects.

The enchanted classroom

This project, an initiative of the Faculty of Music’s Youth School, offers students in certain Montréal public schools the chance to go on a musical journey during the last three years of elementary school. Students enjoy a fulfilling artistic experience, learning an instrument and discovering the world of music. The Enchanted Classroom has a positive impact on childhood development and school retention.

L’extension, a healthcare support and teaching centre

The L’extension centre, a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Dentistry and the School of Optometry, helps children with learning difficulties and provides them with oral and visual healthcare services. The centre is located in the Barclay school, in Montréal’s Parc-Extension neighbourhood.

The Refuge

Founded in 1991, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Refuge came into being at the initiative of students who care about stray and abandoned cats. The refuge has expanded its range of services. After receiving medical care, dogs, cats, and small mammals are now placed with families for adoption.

The University of Montréal and of celebrating indigenous culture

Anne Marchand

The Darlington green corridor

The Darlington project involves creating an ecological corridor between Mount Royal and the future science pavilion in Outremont. The project includes a number of concrete measures, such as an alternative approach to water management thanks to surface installations like rain gardens and storm water retention basins, along with a bike path network, new trees and other features to encourage biodiversity. The result?  A reduction in heat islands and the creation of an attractive natural space.

In praise of education

One aspect of the SEUR project (building awareness of education, university and research) is intended to encourage secondary 3, 4 and 5 students at risk of dropping out to stay in school. Every student is twinned with a UdeM student who shares his or her passion for education, talks about career opportunities and offers support throughout the school year.



MIL Campus

With the opening of the MIL Campus Science Complex in Outremont, a large part of the city will get a whole new look by 2020. Work to convert the railyard began in spring 2012 and will continue until the complex is completed, slated for 2019.