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Entrepreneurship awareness,
training and support

Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs

The Millénium Québecor program aims to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and support the realization of business projects. Its approach is inclusive and responsible: the program embraces all forms of entrepreneurship, related to professional practice or not, including non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship.

Millénium Québecor is open to:

  •  the entire University of Montreal community

  •  all types of enterprise that benefit society economically, socially or environmentally

  •   talented people from all backgrounds

  •  all forward-looking ideas that are consistent with the University's values

Array of services

Millénium Québecor supports business creators and helps them turn their ideas into reality. The assistance takes the form of entrepreneurship awareness activities, cross-sectoral training and support of various types, such as mentoring, coaching and start-up financing.


The Millénium Québecor program

The program draws on the University's strengths to provide a springboard for the next generation of entrepreneurs. The organizations involved include the Centre d’entrepreneuriat, the Bureau Recherche – Développement – Valorisation, Inven_T, IRICoR and our student clubs.


Millénium Québecor

Is it for me?

Millénium Québecor is intended primarily for the UdeM community (students, faculty, staff, alumni) but is open to any project that matches our priorities and values.

Stay tuned

Awareness, training and support activities start this year. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive announcements about Millénium Québecor.


Thank you!

Thanks to an historic donation from Québecor and the Fondation Chopin-Péladeau, the Millénium Québecor program is now a reality, with construction of the future Pavillon Pierre-Péladeau centre for innovation still ahead. Together they mark a concrete commitment to supporting the coming generations of entrepreneurs.

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A $2 million donation from the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation will help create an ecosystem focused on entrepreneurship and drug development.
According to a study conducted by BDC in collaboration with the Université de Montréal, not enough people are starting businesses to replace those closing their doors.