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Fields of study

Explore the main fields of study at the Université de Montréal and consult the related programs.

Environmental planning and design

Architects, designers and urban planners, all under the same roof

Architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, interior design, game design, environmental design, urban planning

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Arts and music

A space for artistic cross-pollination

Music, cinema studies, art history
Creation, composition, performance

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate


Sending messages in the multi-channel era

Writing, public relations, communications and politics, translation, journalism

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate


Where traditional practice and cyberjustice meet

International law, business law, taxation law, notarial law and North American common law

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Economics and politics

Economics and politics: How to understand a radically changing world

Political science, international studies and economics

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Teaching and education sciences

Understanding the learning processes of digital natives

Preschool, elementary, secondary and college education, education administration

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Environment and sustainable development

Making the world a greener place

Biology, chemistry, demographics, geography, landscape architecture, urban planning and public health

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Literature and languages

Using words to explore cultures and travel through time

Literature, linguistics and a host of other topics relating to languages and cultures

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Administration and management sciences

Refining organizational skills to meet the most rigorous demands

Health and social services administration, philanthropic management, industrial relations

Undergraduate (fr)  Graduate

Health sciences

Promoting all aspects of wellness

Medicine, optometry, pharmacy, nursing sciences, kinesiology, veterinary medicine, nutrition, neuroscience

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Life sciences

Myriad forms of life to analyze, study, prolong, protect and save

Biology, bioinformatics, microbiology and immunology, biomedical studies, biopharmaceutical studies

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate


Reconsidering humanity, from the general to the specific

Asian studies, Hispanic studies, Medieval studies, classical studies, geography, history, philosophy

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Fundamental and applied sciences

Laying the groundwork for technological innovation, promoting social wellbeing and contributing to industrial growth

Biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Social sciences

A global perspective on the many threads in our social fabric

Anthropology, demographics, social work, sociology

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Social sciences and social action

Lending a helping hand to those that need it most

Criminology, psychoeducation, psychology, industrial relations and social work

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Information and communications technologies

Using information and communication technologies to their full potential

Communication, video game design, computer science, multimedia and programming

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

Theology and religious sciences

Where knowledge and spirituality intersect

Religious studies and sciences, theology

Undergraduate (fr) Graduate

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Success from A to Z

At the Université de Montréal, we want you to succeed. That's why our professionals put their skills at your service, throughout your studies, in every program.

French and other languages

Are you looking to learn basic or more advanced French or English? Or perhaps one of the 15 or so other languages we offer? Check out the range of language workshops and courses at the Université de Montréal and find the language training you’re looking for!

Support in French

Centre de communication écrite (Written communications centre) 

Centre d’aide en français (French-language support centre)

Bureau de valorisation de la langue française et de la Francophonie

Language learning

Language school
French as a second language and English 

Language centre
German, English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Modern Greek, Innu, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian

Cultural activities: languages and cultures
German, English, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian


Access library collections and multiple resources, including the Sofia search tool. 

Supporting students' success

The Centre étudiant de soutien à la réussite, or CÉSAR, is an essential tool for ensuring students’ success. You’ll find educational and professional information, academic and career advice, learning support, career counselling and lots more in one place.

Money matters

The Bureau de l'aide financière has a help desk and holds information sessions on financing your studies.

The directory of scholarships lets you find out about financial assistance by field of study and level.

Registrar’s Office – Cost of studies

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Financing

Support for disabled students

The professionals at the Support for Disabled Students Office inform and advise disabled students and facilitate their integration.

Réussir: Helping students succeed

For the members of the Université de Montréal community, all our efforts are directed at supporting student success. Here you’ll find all the information and resources available to support your success in every area of student life.

Réussir: Helping students succeed  


An international experience

An international experience awaits students in every field at UdeM, one of the world’s top universities.

Destination Montreal

International students

Explore new terrain: study or do research at the University of Montreal.


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Co-advised theses

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Student exchange programs

Research stays 

Post-doctoral fellowships


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