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Université de Montréal

A Montréal university

A true Montréal institution

Ahead of Paris, London and Seoul, Montreal ranks No. 1 as the best student city in the world. Come find out why the metropolis – and the University of Montreal – are such a great place to study.


Montréal is a party city! There’s always some kind of celebration going on all year round. From the Montréal International Jazz Festival to Montréal en lumière and Les FrancoFoliesOsheaga or the Just for Laughs Festival, Montrealers are second to none when it comes to celebrating in the streets or dancing in the Place des festivals of the Quartier des spectacles!

Arcade Fire? From Montréal. Patrick Watson? The Barr Brothers? Montrealers as well. Lots of well-known figures on the music scene got their start here. Emerging, indie or electronic music, all styles come together in Montréal.


In addition to visiting the Maison symphonique, home of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, music lovers can take in excellent concerts by the Orchestre Métropolitain and stunning productions by the Opéra de Montréal. And UdeM does its part as well, with performances ranging from baroque to digital music, jazz and opera by students in the Faculty of Music. We’re proud of our talented composers and musicians.

The University of Montréal and of the effects of music on children

Nathalie Fernando



With internationally renowned institutions like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, and hundreds of art galleries and studios, the whole city is bursting with creativity, thanks to all the creators from here and abroad who inject such energy all year round.

The University’s exhibition centre hosts a variety of exhibitions in the visual arts and different design disciplines.

UdeM is home to many artists of all kinds, in particular in the departments of French-language Literatures and Art History and Film Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Along with Berlin, Shanghai, Bilbao and Helsinki, Montréal is a member of the UNESCO network of Creative Cities in the design field, a discipline covered from a multitude of angles at the University’s School of Design.



Montréal is recognized as the world’s top university centre for artificial intelligence. Researchers from IVADO, the Institute for Data Valorization, are working hard to find solutions to managing big data and develop applications to improve people’s lives.

Our city is also considered the North American video game capital. Technology definitely “plays” in our favour! With the Digital Spring and producers and distributors like the Society for Arts and Technology, Montréal has become a laboratory where everything is possible, from designing software solutions to creating immersive environments and healthcare applications. Nothing is left to chance. Read about our game design program.

The University of Montréal and of artificial intelligence helping the blind

Yoshua Bengio


Cyclists and joggers will feel right at home. Students in Montréal appreciate the bike paths, sports (and Olympic!) facilities around the city and at the CEPSUM, the University’s physical education and sports complex. 

UdeM also offers study programs relating to active lifestyles and health. Read about the programs offered by the School of Public Health and the Department of Kinesiology.

When the weather turns colder, enthusiasm heats up for the Montréal Canadien hockey games. In summer, there’s the Grand Prix du Canada and the Montréal Marathon to get pulses racing.

And of course UdeM students are always ready to cheer on our own Carabins, including in women’s hockey and our famed football team.