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Exoplanet hunter


René Doyon heads up the Institute for Research on Exoplanets (iREx) and is the director of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory. He designs observation programs and develops leading-edge instruments, in particular the NIRISS, which the James Webb Space Telescope will be equipped with. His team was the world’s first to directly observe the existence of planets around stars other than the Sun.

Setting the course for research

Connected to the world and involved in their community, the astrophysics research teams are paving the way to greater knowledge of our universe. 

It all starts with our researchers

Our researchers specialize in exoplanetary, solar, stellar and extragalactic astronomy, in addition to developing leading-edge instruments.  


31 May 2023

Using the Canadian NIRISS instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope, astrophysics PhD student Louis-Philippe Coulombe has mapped the atmosphere of the intriguing exoplanet WASP-18 b.

26 May 2023

René Doyon a reçu la plus haute marque de reconnaissance de la NASA pour sa contribution exceptionnelle à la mission du télescope spatial «James-Webb».

17 May 2023

Astronomers from Université de Montréal have discovered an Earth-sized exoplanet around a nearby small red dwarf star that appears to be carpeted with volcanoes.

5 April 2023

Where will you be on April 8, 2024? That's when southern Quebec will see the first total solar eclipse in over 50 years; the next is expected in 2106. Our experts shed light on the subject.

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