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The University of Montreal and of equal opportunity

Fabrice Vil

In 2013, Fabrice Vil left a promising career as a lawyer to dedicate himself to the organization he founded: Pour 3 points. He wants to offer athletic coaches the training they need to help children from disadvantaged areas succeed.

Fabrice Vil knows what he’s talking about. When he was younger, he had a positive experience with coaching at school. He was studious and not very assertive, but his coaches helped him find his way. He then became a coach himself. Based on these experiences, he decided to specialize in supporting coaches. Today, Pour 3 points has a presence in 16 schools in Montreal and continues to grow thanks to the involvement of the entire community.

“We give coaches a great deal responsibility,” explains the graduate from the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Law, “but they often lack the training they need to play their role properly. By giving coaches the training they need, they can better channel young people’s motivation for sport and transpose it to other areas of their lives.”

Fabrice Vil uses his law experience in everything he does today, but having left his practice gives him a chance to fight for the causes he cares about, in particular in his efforts with the media, where he advocates for equal opportunity.

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