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Université de Montréal

The University of Montreal and of the world

There are so many people in so many places that have been affected by the work of a professor, graduate, or researcher at the University of Montreal. Here are some of the stories from our world.

The University of Montreal and of exoplanets

René Doyon

The University of Montreal and of memory

Sylvie Belleville

The University of Montreal and of equal opportunity

Fabrice Vil

The University of Montreal and of social pedagogy

Louise Poirier

Karthik Mukkavilli

The artificial intelligence that will alert us to the risks of climate change

Katherine Cook

History illuminated by new technologies

Stéphane Caron

Dental care for the most vulnerable

Mélanie Dieudé and Marie-Josée Hébert

Increasing the success rate for organ tranplants

Bilkis Vissandjée

When nursing no longer has borders

Sonia Lupien

Developing the keys to manage stress better

Émilie L. Couture

The preservation of beluga whales


New hope in the treatment of blood diseases

Josianne Robert

Promoting the overall development of children

Marc-Olivier Schüle

Understanding autism through artificial intelligence

Sébastien Sauvé

Finding and treating blue-green algae

Jean-Claude Lavoie

Increasing the odds of survival among premature babies

Nathalie Fernando

Teaching music to children: creating the feeling that anything is possible

Huy Ong

Developing a treatment for macular degeneration

Marie-Claude Bélanger

The University of Montreal’s commitment to the Mira Foundation

Yoshua Bengio

Developing artificial intelligence for the blind

Benoit Tousignant

Giving the homeless a new outlook on life

Anne Marchand

Revisiting the crafts of Atikamekw

Juan Torres

A teacher, a guide and a mentor