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Juan Torres

Juan Torres is one of those teachers who has a positive, lasting impact on his students. And in the same way that his research in urban planning concentrates on the people living in cities, Juan makes people – their ideas and goals - the focus of his teaching as well.

The positive influence of a professor like Juan Torres has an effect not only on his students’ careers but also on the citizens they will become. He is the type of professor who teaches more than just a subject: he teaches the idea of what is possible.

He takes the time to advise his students on decisions both small and large: their choice of courses, the type of internships they should look for, how to collaborate with major stakeholders in society. Juan is a professor, but also a guide and mentor. Some of his students say that he treats them like colleagues, in fact, in a relationship based on mutual respect. That kind of support goes a long way toward fostering motivation and success.

Juan Torres is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design at the Université de Montréal and Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies. He holds degrees in architecture and urban planning, and combines three fields of research: urban design, community sustainability, and children’s relationships with the city.