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Artificial intelligence

A pioneer in artificial intelligence

Yoshua Bengio is a pioneer of deep learning, a discipline that has revolutionized artificial intelligence. Mila, the institute he founded, is the world's most renowned university research centre in AI. Deeply aware of the ethical issues of research in his field, Dr. Bengio is an advocate for socially responsible development of artificial intelligence.


Staying the course for research

UdeM researchers are advancing research in artificial intelligence. They are helping put Montreal on the international map for AI.

Our programs of study

Université de Montréal trains future specialists in artificial intelligence. Explore some of our study programs, online training programs and summer school.

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor’s degree in computer science (in French)
A solid foundation before making the leap to graduate studies.

Bachelor’s degree in math and computer science (in French)
A winning combination to prepare for specialized graduate studies.

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Graduate programs

Master’s in computer science
A number of options including artificial intelligence, computational biology and operations research.

Specialized Graduate Diploma (D.E.S.S.) in Machine Learning
A program with fewer credits than the master’s program and a shorter internship.

Ph.D. in computer science
Future PhDs in artificial intelligence come together at Université de Montréal.

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Continuing education

Introduction to deep learning
Five hours of training in French about the basic concepts of deep learning. This massive open online course (MOOC) developed by IVADO and Mila is available for free on the Edulib platform.

Advanced analysis and modeling of complex data
Advanced statistical methods to analyze and profit from large databases. Course plan and rates on the PRAXIS website of the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Centre for Professional Development. 

Our researchers


Computer Science and Operations Research

Margarida CARVALHO

Computer Science and Operations Research

Alain TAPP

Computer Science and Operations Research


19 September 2022

Researchers at Mila and IVADO introduce a new neurocomputational model of the human brain that could bridge the gap in understanding AI and the biological mechanisms underlying mental disorders.

13 September 2022

Doctors could soon have a new tool to detect disorders and illnesses such as pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and autism, thanks to a Canada-U.S. database of human voices to which UdeM is contributing.

14 June 2022

An international team co-led by UdeM computational neuroscientist Eilif Muller has simulated how synapses in the neocortex change – to better understand how we learn.

24 May 2022

A research team has used AI to produce a list of animal viruses that could jump the species barrier and cause infections in humans.

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Responsible development

Initiated by Université de Montréal, the Montreal Declaration for the Responsible Development of AI is being co-created with input from the general population and aims to propose a progressive, inclusive and responsible path forward in the development of artificial intelligence.

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