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Université de Montréal

Strategic Plan 2022-2032

Thousands of members of the UdeM community shared their ideas and aspirations to help produce the roadmap entitled The University of Montreal – and of Tomorrow’s World. This plan sets our priorities for the next 10 years and defines the path we propose to take to achieve excellence and help change the world and the lives of our community’s members for the better.

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Committed to excellence, the University of Montreal seeks, with the support of the members of its community, to create, disseminate, and harness knowledge in service of the common good.

" We will spare no effort to make the University of Montreal a unique space where the human potential that resides in our student body can unfold, a standard-setter for educational quality and relevance. Our graduates will be recognizable by the influence they exert on the world around them. "

- Rector's Statement, Fall 2021

The members of the University of Montreal community aim to shape their world. They believe that society is more than the sum of individual interests.

They all want their actions to benefit the entire community, in the belief that a society rests not only on fellowship among its members but also on taking responsibility, individually and collectively.


As an engaged and responsible institution, the University of Montreal is the most influential French-speaking university in the world. 

The complex nature of many important social issues calls for concrete, creative and transparent responses from universities as they apply their strengths to help address these challenges.

The members of the University of Montreal community – teachers, students, administrative staff and support staff – rise to the challenge by working together, in all aspects of their activities, to exert a positive, informed influence on society, drawing on the University’s vital Francophone roots and their leverage in multiple cultural and linguistic areas.


With this strategic plan the University of Montreal is more committed than ever to these three clear objectives.

  1. Stimulate reflection on the major challenges facing society and support society in the discovery, creation, and implementation of solutions, in collaboration with our partners.
  2. Provide each member of our student community with meaningful academic, educational, practical and life experiences to help them become agents of influence and change in their spheres.
  3. Become a true learning organization that adapts and evolves through self-evaluation. 


The three pillars of the plan are overarching strategies that guide us in establishing more specific paths to achieve our goals and our vision.

Dare to change

Ensure that the university community responds responsibly and creatively to the needs of a changing world.


Live our pluralism fully

Foster the development of our community’s members by embracing a multiplicity of backgrounds, experiences and points of view.

Unite our efforts

Prioritize collaborative, cross-cutting initiatives that have a measurable positive impact on major social challenges



Appealing to the hearts as well as the minds of members of the University of Montreal community, the values ​​represent the behaviors they favor, and which positively influence their actions.


A passion for learning unites the students who attend the University of Montreal. A passion for sharing knowledge motivates its faculty members. Passion drives its researchers and spurs them to explore the mysteries of the Universe, to participate in the big social debates and to do creative work. It truly takes passion to spend thousands of hours searching without necessarily knowing what you will find. This passion for exploration is at once a passion for excellence. And passion motivates the University’s administrative and support staff to help accomplish its core missions, day after day. Though they may be shy about recognizing the passion that inspires them, the members of the University of Montreal community understand their underlying passion to be a precondition for their engagement with their institution and society. Seen in this light, passion is not just a feeling but indeed a value.


In the face of disinformation, the climate crisis and technological advances on many fronts, the University of Montreal and its community cannot remain indifferent to the impact of their actions on society. The University undertakes to help the members of its student community improve their critical thinking skills, and to support reliance on evidence-based knowledge in public discourse. Our community aspires not only to an ethic of responsibi- lity, but more broadly to the development of a culture of responsibility. This value of res- ponsibility underpins our interactions with the communities with which we have ties. It also informs our relationship to the facts and the content of our educational programs. We want our researchers’ discoveries and intellectual output to be measured by the yardstick of responsible innovation. The University of Montreal wants its development to be sustainable for the environment and for society, and its choices to be consistent with this ideal.


The members of the University of Montreal community know that courage is one of the core values that unite them in their quest to expand the frontiers of thought or creation. The University experience provides them with the opportunity to develop the resilience and tenacity to boldly explore the world of ideas. It is by accepting the risks of the process of discovery that innovative solutions to the world’s problems are found. The University encourages its members not only to excel but sometimes to go where no one has gone before and do what has never been done. It takes courage to create. Demonstrating courage is therefore a commitment that the University makes to itself and to society.


The University of Montreal is the university of the world: the world of Montreal to begin with, a city teeming with creativity and dynamism; and also the world of global diversity, for Montreal is a cosmopolitan metropolis and the University of Montreal reflects the city that is its home; and finally, the world of the University community – students, alumni, teachers, administrative staff, support staff, donors and friends
of the University, all united in their commitment to the University’s mission to further the common good. The diverse world of the University of Montreal is a world with open doors. This is a value that is manifest in the respect and civility with which the members of our community treat one another. It is apparent in the way the University cares for its community, in its concern for its members’ well-being and for maintaining
a spirit of collegiality between them. Finally, it is evidenced in the University of Montreal’s commitment to inclusion and its concrete actions to embrace diversity in all aspects of the life of the University.


The University of Montreal values its members’ freedom to be. It guarantees their freedom of conscience, as well as freedom of thought, research and expression, without constraint or censorship, but while respecting others and their freedom. At the University of Montreal, freedom is always in symbiosis with reciprocity, tolerance and respect for intellectual integrity. This guarantee of freedom creates the necessary conditions for the expression of intellectual curiosity by the members of the University community. Recognizing that inequality can prevent the full exercise of these freedoms, the University understands that it must play a role in helping the members of its community overcome pre-existing inequalities and it calls on everyone to work together towards this end. Knowing that the work of achieving freedom must be done on the ground, in an environment of mutual responsibility and reciprocal openness, the University of Montreal pledges to help the members of its community accomplish it.

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The result of a collaborative process, the strategic plan will be the basis for unifying projects that will change the University over the next 10 years.

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The team behind the plan

The Office of the Vice-Rector is leading implementation of the strategic plan and related projects. It oversees the teams of builders who will carry out the transformative, influence-building projects in the plan.  

Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens


Vice-Rector - Professor

“The University must be responsive to the community if it is to meet the challenges of the future.”

Catherine Régis

Associate Vice-Rector - Professor

“The University of Montreal is more than an institution; it is a social vision.”

Céline Martinez

Assistant to the Vice-Rector

“The university of the future will be built with the participation of the entire community.”

Find out more about the consultation and its major steps (available in French only).


Specific action plans

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